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Rickshaw advises on welfare rights and offers a foodbank services. The welfare rights service provides information and advice on all social security related benefits.

We offer assistance to complete claim forms and provide a support and representation service to people who have been refused benefits or wish to appeal their claim.

We provide information, advice and representation to people who are experiencing difficulty in dealing with debts including mortgage/rent/council tax arrears, payment of household bills and credit or catalogue debts, energy efficiency, energy debt and foodbank enquiries.

Rickshaw provides free, independent and confidential advice and representation on benefits and tax credits for people living in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Whether you are unemployed, sick or disabled, retired, a carer or on low wages, we can:

  1. help you get all the benefits you are entitled to
  2. advise and help you claim the right benefit
  3. explain how your benefits are affected if your circumstances change
  4. help you to appeal if you disagree with a benefit decision
  5. help you deal with issues around your benefits

If you can't find the information you need and want to speak to our adviser you can phone on 07970 625256.

How u can help.

Benefit cuts, unemployment and rising living costs have led to an increase in the number of people in Scotland using food banks. Rickshaw aims to give hope to the people in Glasgow. We want to help those people in our city who can’t afford to look after themselves fully, providing them with food and toiletries and by helping to meet some of their basic needs. You can be part of helping out by making donation or handing in food at our charity shop in 525 Victoria Road, Govanhill.

Registered Scottish Charity Number: SCIO 443234

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