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Sahara foodbank & Welfare Rights

Every day people in The Southside of Glasgow go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. Rickshaw's Food banks provide emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis.

Every day parents skip meals to feed their children and some are forced to choose between paying the rent and bills or eating.  Having done some research within the community, Rickshaw identified a need for a Food Bank in the G42 Govanhill area.

Sahara welfare advice & foodbank will be primarily located in the G 42 area of Glasgow. Initially we will operate once a week.  We hope to increase to 2 days per week depending on supply and demand. We also hope to develop another additional community access point this next year. At least 70% of the goods which are distributed will be donated by the local community and this effort is essential to ensure we can sustain the service and increase our capacity to meet the needs of the people of Govanhill and the surrounding areas.

Anything our supporters can do to set up donation stations, local community collections, encourage fund-raising and volunteering will make a world of difference to our efforts.

We currently have 2 volunteers on board but this will expand with more people / families coming to the food bank, we will need more volunteers. We are estimating to deliver between 20 to 30 packs/parcels of food per week.

We will operate a robust referral only service and work with partner organisations in the community to ensure the provision goes to those most in need. We do not take self referrals or support anyone who is told to  ‘turn up’ and.    we do not give out food coupons or vouchers.

This ensures the goodwill and donations are not abused and go to those who have a real need.  This service is operated as a last resort and we ask our referring partners to ensure that recipients have fully explored other means of support.

It is important to share that our service is ‘more than food’. We ensure we work with other support services to help those in need engage in finding long term solutions whilst we try to help them manage their immediate crisis. We are doing our best to stop the revolving door of crisis for these individuals and families.

Our main referrers to the service will be from the following Glasgow City Council (various departments), Glasgow Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Glasgow Money Matters, Various Medical Health Centres, GP Services, Police Glasgow,Local Hospitals and Local Churches.

Rickshaw Sahara welfare rights & foodbank services would welcome any comments or feedback and we happy for you to circulate within your own networks to ensure as many people are aware of our services once we are up and running.

Apna Elderly Welfare & Social Group.

Rickshaw " Apna Elderly Welfare & Social Group " is an elderly group run by volunteer members of Rickshaw who are in the age bracket of 55 and over and are from the Black Ethnic Minorities from all over Glasgow.

The group put on activities such as Art Therapy, Yoga Classes, I.T. Computer Classes, Indian suit Sewing Classes.

We also have a wellbeing clinic where we offer massage to the elderly and we are currently practising a stage play within the group that we will put on later in the year as a show for the B. E. M within Glasgow around Xmas time.


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