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Rickshaw offers an advice, advocacy and support service to the Black Ethnic Minorities LGBT, Womans Groups, Elderly, and the Disabled with the following matters:

• DWP Welfare Rights & Advice Service
• Fuel Poverty
• Food Poverty foodbanks.
• Generalist Advice.
• Health & Wellbeing.

Note from Chairman & Founder Raj Singh.

Rickshaw was set up in October 2013 by Raj.  Rickshaw is a non-profit organisation and it's run by Raj with help from volunteers. Raj realised that there were was a need for a buffer service as many service users were waiting for a long period of time to be seen by other charity organisations with matters relating to their DWP, Fuel and Food Poverty due to the current welfare benefit climate.

Instead of  having service users wait for long periods I wanted to create an alternative.  Offering the same service, but quicker. I quickly realised that in Glasgow there was a need for such a service. This, along with the growing rise and demand, in food for the unemployed and those on a  low wage.  

Rickshaw started up the 1st B.E.M. foodbank, welfare rights and fuel poverty advice service under one roof to help aid and assist those on low working wage ,the unemployed and those who had been sanctioned by DWP and austerity cuts.

Rickshaw's BEM project " Apna Elderly Welfare  & Social Group ". This is our over 50 group helping disabled and vulnerable people who with their families and carers to come and attend our yoga, massage, drama, art therapy classes. We give DWP advice and have tea/coffee light lunch on the day all free.

Rickshaw current projects;

Welfare rights  Fightback for Justice.

BME H.I.V. project........

BME Hidden Truth.  BME Domestic violence 






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